The Road Map To Success

Trading with S&P 500 Futures Trading Group

It All Starts With Discipline

Building a track record of success means starting small and learning to have the discipline it takes to trade successfully. Here’s what it really takes to be successful.

Track Record

Build your Track Record on your Simulator. You must NET + 5 to + 10 points a week for more than 2 weeks in a row. The longer your track record the more psychologically prepared you will be to trade live money


Gain = +20pts
Stop Loss = -15pts
Net = + 5pts.

Superior Tools

As a rule of thumb, you can trade 1 Contract for every $3,000.00 in your account.

Month 1: Start with 1 Contract: $50 per point.
+ 5pt for the week @ 50 a point = $250.00
+ 10pt for the week @50 a point = $500.00

After successfully trading at any level contract for several weeks (keep a track record of +5 points a week), you can move to next trading level if your account can afford it.

Month 2: 2 Contracts: $100 * 5pts = $500 / Week
Month 3: 3 Contracts: $150 * 5pts = $750.00 / Week
Month 4: 4 Contracts: $200 * 5pts = $1,000.00 / Week
Month 5: 5 Contracts: $250 * 5pts = $1,250.00 / Week
Month 10: 10 Contracts: $500 * 5pts = $2,500.00 / Week (125K to 250K per year)
20 Contracts: $1,000 * 5pts = $5,000 / Week (250K to 500K per year)

Your progress depends on your time and ability to make between 5 and 10 points per week, while maintaining control of your Risk on a basis on Trade, Daily Limit, Portfolio Risk Ratios

Superior Knowledge – The Academy

It won’t take long to realize we have a unique trading philosophy. “Go for the Base Hit!”, is our motto. We don’t try to move or chase the market, we simply identify strong trends and then trade with the market, taking advantage of sophisticated mathematical algorithmic methods to maintain consistent interpretation of the data.

As a new member you will have a complete Trading Academy that will guide your learning step-by-step. At the same time, you will train with real-time simulated trades to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to be a trader. You will want to build a few weeks of a solid track-record before you risk real money.


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