Email SP 500 Futures Trading Session Visitor Packet

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Your Visitor Welcome Package
Hi {Customer},
You are invited to a live, professionally mentored, trading session with traders of all experience levels. Don’t worry, it will be easy if you sit in for your full two days. A mentor and hundreds of members will be available for your questions during session. Then a Trading Specialist will be available to help you after the session to answer all of your questions about the membership process.
          Your User Name is Your Email: {User Email}

          Your Password: greenball 

          Trading Room Location: [Click Here to Enter Live Trading Room]


{Schedule Dates List for Live Trading Session}

We meet every trading day from 10:00am to 12:00pm Eastern Time. We trade as a group and enjoy the profitable teaching and guidance of our mentor and entire trading group.
OUR 7-STEPS TO SUCCESS – Member Training & Support
We have designed a unique trading experience that provides the tools, training and support to become a Day Trader. We do what no other professional trading group does: 
  1. We are 100% Transparent!
  2. We have an Audited and Verified Trade Track Record
  3. We trade with a live (not simulated )brokerage account on screen every day.
  4. We have a live chat during trading with hundreds of members.
  5. We have a Trading Academy with dozens of videos to teach you our methods.
  6. We have a high level of members supporting each other all day long.
  7. We have mentors explaining and analyzing trades LIVE as they happen. 

Visitor Workbooks & Road-map to Success

Click here to download a your Visitor Workbook Package that has more information (print it out and reference during the trading session)
  • Our group
  • Our trading techniques
  • How we place a trade
  • Visitor Etiquette 
  • Troubleshooting problems accessing the webinar

Click here to download a your Road-map to Success. You will discus this road-map with your Trading Consultant.

To contact your Membership Counselor call 888-788-1788 Ext # (this is the 3 digit number that will to the left of your name when you are in our trading room)

The Live Trading Room will be attended in Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect webinar software is full featured, and easy to use.

If have trouble logging in, please read this page carefully.perform, the following process:
  1. Download and read the following PDF to understand how to use Adobe Connect: VQS_Guide_for_Participants 
  2. Test your connection:
  3. Get a quick overview: 
  4. Call for further help: 888-788-1788
The S&P 500 Trading Group uses Adobe Connect for LIVE online sessions. A professional mentor hosts the meeting. Group Members and visitors view our live Ensign Charting Software  screens. To participate in the live trading sessions, all you need is a computer with speakers and an Internet connection. However, a small computer screen may be hard to see. When you become a member you will use a large screen and have availability to see your own ENSIGN charts. 

We look forward to seeing you in the live trading room.

S&P500 Futures Trading Group
Toll Free: 888-788-1788
Scheduling: Ext 1
Accounting: Ext 501
Technical Support: Ext 2

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